Asmaul Husna Se Ilaj: Best Way to Overcome Fear and Suspicious

Are you facing problem of unusual suspiciousness and fear? You are here at right place to find the solution with the help of Asmaul-Husna. Read this article for best treatment to overcome fear.

Always remember that “Remembrance of Allah” provides peace to hearts. Whenever you call him, He listens to you and solves your problem. He knows what is better for you and what is not. You should call him in every prayer. Whenever you ask for his blessing, He blesses you more than your expectations. By remembering the Allah, again and again, keep in touch you with your creator and your relationships gets stronger day by day. In previous programs, you can see how I explained the benefits of reciting Asmaul-Husna the effective result after the treatment of Asmaul-Husna. If you want to get peace of heart, peace of mind then keep remembering Allah. He is the one and most merciful.

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Why you feel fear and suspicious?
The general reason is all about weakness of humans. Generally a human being is weak and get frighten with tiny things around. The most common problem seems is paranoid waswasay (imagination, fear and suspicions).
There are different types of fear and suspicions attack on us. We don’t understand what is happening with us as being a human being we disappointed and leave everything uncertainly.
Gradually we stuck with so many other problems and a wall worries begin to move around us. In fact, it is hard to control and these imaginations and don’t feel to find the authentic solution.
Many of the people get afraid when they face such solutions. These suspicious fears and unseen imaginations can be resolve by Asmaul-Husna.

Medical Symptoms behind paranoia
In medical term we called such feeling paranoid feelings. It is highly troublesome and damaging feeling that straightly lead towards uncertainty and lose trust. There are various symptoms behind it, some of them are following in medical point of view.
• The major symptoms of paranoia is the permanent delusion.
• You start feeling more irritable, suspicious, depressed and jealous over time.
• Sometimes negative interpretation and unsupported doubts.
• Unfounded suspicions and beliefs.
• The above mentioned symptoms set gradually with the time.

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What is the best treatment?
The best solution of such fears is to perform 2 Rakat Slat after Maghreb prayer and read these Asmaul-Husna, Ya-Tawabo, Ya-Wahabo 360 times. You will get rid of these issues very soon. If you read these names with complete trust then result will be more effective and permanent. Allah is kind and merciful. Keep reciting Quran and trust on Allah. One day your all problems will be vanished if you keep solving your all issues with Asmaul-Husna.

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