Asmaul Husna Se Ilaj: What Are the Major Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Hepatitis C ?

How do you know if you have Hepatitis? At thevery initial stage, it’s hard to find symptoms, and most of the people don’t perceive them. If you also don’t aware with Hepatitis then Read this useful guide.

Hepatitis is a viral disease these days in Pakistan. The most common viral infections are Hepatitis A, B, and C. it directly targets your liver, and your liver turns into inflammation within days. In Pakistan Hepatitis is most common disease and every third person is affected with it. People used to show non-serious behaviors and keep them self away from treatment. Some people diagnose this disease at last stage that is Hepatitis C. when the patient don’t take proper treatment the conditions enters into the dangerous stage. At that time it is hard to cure hepatitis. Keep remembering that if you successfully diagnose Hepatitis A, B or C then start your treatment immediately.

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What are the Symptoms of Hepatitis?
Most common symptoms of Hepatitis A, B and C are following.
• Sudden weight loss and loss of appetite.
• Frustration feelings, tiredness, and pain in the whole body.
• Start Getting dull skin within few days.
• By taking a lot of water lungs and belly also get affected. The pain of liver grows day by day.

Warning Signs of Hepatitis
If you diagnosed hepatitis C then soon after infection, you might also have these symptoms.
• Vomiting or nausea
• Urine problems
• Severe joint and muscle pain
• Yellowish eyes and skin color
• Unusual pain in stomach
Above mentioned symptoms occur six or seven weeks of the hepatitis infection.

Take Prevention Measure
According to medical reports, platelets get down which causes a critical condition of the disease. There are some medical Reports which are affected by Hepatitis viral infections such as ALT liver function test, ALT SCPT, ALT SOPT and Alkaline phosphate.
To get control over Hepatitis avoid spicy food, oily food, and sweet items. Spicy food is the major factor of causing hepatitis. Take the healthy diet and keep yourself active.

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Use clean and sterile items and don’t share food with others. Make sure you are following above prevention measures to stay safe from developing asevere condition of Hepatitis.

Best Treatment of Hepatitis C with Asmaul-Husna
Dr. Muhammad Riaz prescribed this treatment to every patient. This treatment is also useful for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.
The patient who is affected with Hepatitis should read Drood Pak three times at the starting and end, then read all Asmaul-Husna (99 names of Allah) one time, then read Ya Mufseeo, Ya Qavio, Ya Badeeo Ya Baatino 253 times. If you are taking other medical treatment, you can also carry on this treatment. You will get the practical result after the treatment of Asmaul-Husna.

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