Scorpions are famous by saying” There’s always more than meets the eye”. The tremendous power of Scorpions leads them towards strength, passion and intense Zodiac over other.

People who born in between 24th October and 22nd November. Their zodiac symbol is Scorpio, and their sign is the moon. Most of the people are in great delusion regarding the sign of Scorpion. They think that Scorpion sign people have harsh temperament as well as the revengeful mind, Stubborn or severe and never, forgive others. I being an astrologer reject such type of thoughts. It is not like as you think about the scorpion sign people. Some of the scorpion sign people may be hyper or sensitive. It is also a fact that scorpion sign people’s reaction can be extraordinary rather than others. By this, they are disliked by others.
The famous Philosopher and the Poet of the East Allama Muhammad Iqbal also had Scorpio sign. If we mention about revolutions, Faiz Ahmed Faiz will be the most famous revolutionary poet also had Scorpio sign. There are many other great personalities with Scorpio sign. Every sign has flaws and unique qualities. So the point of consideration is that come out from narrow thoughts which have been the part of our life. A lot of good qualities are present in Scorpions which are fantastic and unbeatable.

What is Your Lucky Charm?
Lucky Stone: Opal, Ruby and bloodstone.
Lucky Color: Red Violet
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Characteristics: Fierce, Watery, Negative and unemotional

Scorpions Traits
Some amazing Traits about scorpions are following:
• Scorpions have the analytical mind and keep they use careful approach to planning something big.
• Scorpions have rational thoughts and have eager to do great inventions.
• They can be good team leaders as well as good at a judgment.
• Few Scorpio sign people never tolerate brutality, injustice to anyone. They would show their reaction. Hence, they dislike.
• If you have any Scorpio sign friend, you are the lucky one because Scorpio sign friends are reliable and trustworthy.
• They are adventurous and enjoy every moment of life.
• Several scientists are related to Scorpio sign, who had done lots of inventions in the past.

5 Reasons behind Ruling Strength of Scorpio
As you know Scorpions Rule the Zodiac circle and here are some reasons behind it.
1. Dedication and Passion
Scorpions are truly passionate and dedicated to their life goal. Their smart creative innovations inspired others.

2. Giving UP
It is statement of every scorpion which make a sure point they get what they want to be.

3. Independent
One term define Scorpions is Independent. They don’t rely on others for their personal work.

4. Leadership
Responsibility is the key factor behind every successful scorpion. They are dedicated and prove to be a leader.

5. Dedication and Passion
Scorpions are truly passionate and dedicated to their life goal. Their smart creative innovations inspired others. We are sure being a scorpions you are also have passion to make things possible.


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