These days everyone is facing a major issue of acne and other skin problems. Today we will briefly discuss these skin problems. Take a quick look here to Get Rid of Acne and Scars.

The primary target to treat acne and spots with the best treatment. Before going in detail, you should know what acne is? And why it spread around with other skin problems. It’s a type of skin condition in which red spots appear on face due to inflamed or infected glands.

What is Acne? And how it is different from scars?
Many people are not aware with the term acne and what acne is in general? And how it is different from other skin problems. One of the extreme difference between acne and scars is that acne remains on the surface of the skin and when spot remove from the layer of skin it leaves dark spots. Acne Develop primarily among teenagers when they are undergoing hormonal changing. The scars are the type of skin problem in which dark spots remain surface on the skin and pit deeper. In medical term, we called it post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

The Treatment of Scars:
• Ice pick Scars
These scars are small and round and have less depth on the surface of the skin. These scars can easily cure with a home application.
• Box Scars
These scars are deep and wide in size. They are tricky to handle. It can be treated with home applications as well as clinic treatment.

• Rolled up scars
These injuries are difficult to cure. The density of scars is higher as compare t other scars. The reason is that when spots made on the same location of the skin, then it leans dark spots which turn into rolled up scars with the passage of time.
There are many ways to treat this acne. One of the effective treatment is derma roller scars. If you have rolled up issues then better treatment to opt is laser therapy.

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How is Acne treated?
It can be treated in many ways. Three common drugs have proven for the effective treatment of acne. Such as antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, and retinoid. Doctor recommend these drugs depending on the severity of acne.
Another effective treatment is acne therapy. It is helpful for women who have problems like irregular periods and thinning hairs. The therapy follows low dose estrogen and progesterone.
Those who are facing acne should treat it as soon as possible. Acne can create many other skin problems such as pigmentation, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and dark spots, etc. after consultancy with skin specialist we follow the most traditional way to treat acne and dark spot. Many skin specialists give home application to cure acne in the better way. If the problem is severe, then doctors use to opt different forms at the clinic such as Led light therapy and chemical peelings.
It’s important to use sunblock and different vitamins creams which are essential for your skin and help to reduce Acne and spots.


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