Baal Lambe Aur Ghane Karne Ka Wazifa – Baba Jee Ka Wazifa for Long Hair – wazifa for hair growth – Baba Jee Anjum Irfan WhatsApp: +92 336 1119910 — قُلْ ھُوَ لِلَّذِيْن اَمَنُوْ ھُدًى وَّشِفَاءٌ ———————————————————————– – Baba Jee Anjum Irfan Is Here. – We have started a series of spiritual treatment. – Today we brought a gift treatment for our Daughters. – This Treatment is very Authentic and Useful. – Today We brought a spiritual treatment (Wazifa) for Long and Thick Hair. – Many Girls have use it and got Excellent result. – After seeing such a good result I decided to tell this wazifa to all of You. – Any one can use this wazifa. – Get any Oil You Use for Hair. – Put This oil in a bottle and Place this open bottle in front of You. – Then Read this verse for 121 Times. – Also Recite Darood 3 Time at start and at the End. – After reading all this Blow (Dum) on Oil. – Use This Oil on hair for 21 days Daily. – If this oil finishes before 21 days then do all wazifa again on new Oil. – قُ‍‍لْ هُوَ‌ لِلَّذ‍ِ‍ي‍‍نَ ‌آمَنُو‌ا‌ هُ‍‍د‌ى‌ ً‌ ‌وَشِف‍‍َ‍ا‌ء‌ٌ‌ ۖ — Qul Huwa Lillazeena Amanu Hudanw Wa-shifaa’ – English Translation: And declare (O Mu’hammad) that [The Quran] is a guidance and healing for the believers. – Roman English Translation: Farma dijiye Aap ke Momin ke liye hidaayat aur shifa hai – After Practising This wazifa Insha Allah Your hair will be Long and Thick. – Always Remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz


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