Diabetic is the completely curable disease. Many people around are looking to cure this disease but unaware of Diabetes causes and symptoms. Take a quick look here to find them.

People with diabetes are the most common disease in Pakistan which is growing day by day. It is famous saying that Asthma runs with life and ends with life. Same famous proverb regarding sugar (Diabetic) runs with life and ends with the life. In Quran Therapy, there is an efficient and valid treatment of such disease. Diabetic is the completely curable disease. A level of sugar is necessary for health. When the level of sugar exceeds its ratio, then it severely affects the human body.

The Causes of Diabetics
According to new research, the adult is facing this disease in the age 20 to 40. If you care your other organs of the body which mentioned above, then it can prevent you 90% of people with diabetes. Blood sugar can also harm to your nervous system.
The most common diabetics are type 2 Diabetics which cause due to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a metabolic disorder that causes due to high blood sugar. Our body is made in such a way that it keep up the producing insulin but after some time it burned out.
If you try to change your lifestyle, then it’s easy to control blood sugar, and blood sugar complications can go reverse.
The primary symptoms of the sugar eyesight weakness, Muscular weakness in the whole body, weakness of Nauru system and Fatigue.

Symptoms of Diabetes
The primary symptoms of the Diabetes are following.
• You feel Eyesight weakness.
• Muscular weakness in the whole body.
• Weakness of Nauru system.
• Feel Fatigue than usual and Getting Overweight.
• Cuts and wounds take a longer time to heal.

What is Insulin?
Insulin plays a significant role in our daily life. Insulin helps to maintain your sugar level and don’t allow to cross the average limit of your blood sugar.
Insulin performs mechanism which allows the human body to moderate sugar level. When the level of insulin decrease we feel weakness throughout the body.
When the level of insulin reduced in our body, we move towards synthetic insulin. Many people use tablets to balance their insulin level. There are many solutions to get rid of diabetics, but here we will tell you best treatment of diabetics in the light of Quran therapy.

Effective Treatment of Diabetes
Read this Ayat carefully “La ila ha Allah anta subhanaka inni khutum minaz-zalimeen” also recite Surah Fatiha and Ayatul Kursi. You should also recite “La Holwala Quwata Allah blah his aliyulazeem.”
Always try to recite the mentioned verses as much as you can. It will treat your diabetics more effectively as much as you can recite. With the grace of Allah Almighty, you will get rid of Diabetes.


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