Saturday, March 24, 2018


Dr. Nosheeba is a consultant aesthetician and has been practicing for the past eight years in Islamabad and for three years in Lahore . Dr Nosheeba offer’s it’s patients the latest advancements in skin care, laser procedures & Medi SPA to improve condition of their beauty. Skin solutions are specialised aesthetic clinics where priority is high quality aesthetic treatments related to skin hair and nails plus logical weight loss with non surgical body re shaping .The clinics are fully equipped to cater all the problems related to skin and hair of any age and gender.Treatments include laser hair removals for thick and thin hair,skin rejuvenation ,skin tightening,clinical facials,face and total body whitening,treatments for pigmentation,acne and post acne scars and spots treatments,mole and skin tags removal,hair fall and dandruff treatment ,Botox and fillers and much more.

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