Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Success Coaching

Dr. Muhammad Arif Siddiqui is known as Trainer of the Trainers. He is the only trainer in Pakistan who studied both Mind & Body together to get maximum results. Vibrant Energy, Humor and Motivation are the extra ingredients of his trainings. To get maximum access to his audience’s mind he studied Hypnotism and got his Master Hypnotist Certification. He also teaches meditation and concentration techniques to make the success easy. His thesis for PhD was about Peak Performance, peak performance in every field. He knows very well, how to get maximum out of human body and mind. Learning, growing and transformation of skills are his passion as well profession. That’s why he is designing and conducting training programs for numerous country-wide organizations in the Public and Private Sectors as well as Govt. Sector. He has the credit of conducting life changing seminars and workshops for more than half million people in last two decades.

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