Most of the women face infertility problems due to blocked fallopian tubes. These tubes are placed on each side of uterus and help to lead egg from ovaries to uterus. To find solution in the light of Quran therapy, read this full article.

The topic under discussion is all about fallopian and infertility. We will see what is fallopian and what are the impacts of fallopian in infertility issues? Usually fallopian plays an important role in the prevention of eggs which goes to the way to sperm. In other words, you can say that the passage of fertilized eggs to the uterus. There is the standard connection between them which may cause many infertility issues. In previous programs of Life Skills TV, we did the detailed discussion on infertility. Infertility refers to unproductivity of child.

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How Do Blocked Fallopian Tubes Cause Infertility?
There are many reasons. We have compiled few of them.
• The primary cause of infertility is the damage to your fallopian tubes. The structure helps to carry out eggs from your ovaries. It produces eggs to the uterus where the baby starts to develop. When they get damaged due to pelvic infections, endometriosis.
• Another reason is the pelvic surgery. This reason can prevent sperm from reaching to eggs. There are high chances of hormonal disturbance. It is the cause that why you are not getting pregnant. Some hormonal plays an important role in releasing eggs from ovaries.
• Uterine problems also cause infertility. You may have polyps or fibroids which grow in excessive amount. Mostly 20% of the people face infertility issue there is no exact reason.
There are many procedures of fallopian tubes. Some of them are tubal re-anastomosis, salpingectomy, salpingectomy and fimbrioplasty. Many doctors suggest surgery get rid of fallopian.
The success of fallopian treatment or surgery depends on the location of blockage and presence or absence of fertility. According to research from 20 to 30 women out of 100 who had blockage near the end of fallopian had the successful pregnancy after surgery.
If you had surgery and a significant amount of tube has removed, then there are fewer chances of pregnancy. There are many another way to treat fallopian tubes. You should consult the doctor for further details.
Concern you doctor for some important infertility test which is helpful to diagnose actual problem regarding fallopian tubes. We would like to share best treatment of fallopian in the light of Quran therapy.

Treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tubes:
If the reason of infertility in women due to blockage of tubes then recite Surah Al-Nisa one time daily blow air from the mouth on a glass of water and drink it. Continue this Wazifa (course) for 28 days. It would be very useful. Life Skills TV would like to answer your all queries regarding health issue in the light of Quran Therapy. Kindly send your query along name and age so that we can guide you more.


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