Knowing their strength as responsible, disciplined, self-control and good management skills are the sign of Capricorns. But most of the time Capricorns stay one step far away from their achievement due to their biggest fear. To know your biggest fear read this article.


Capricorns born in between December 22 to January 19. Capricorns have a lot of versatile characteristics. Many famous personalities are born with Capricorn sign. Such as Abu-ul-Fazal Siddiqui who belonged to the religious field, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Qazi Hussain Ahmed who belonged to the Politician field. Boxer Muhammad Ali, Kapil Dev, and Olympian Salah-Ud-din are famous players in the world who also have sign Capricorn. Some Bollywood stars like Aishwarya Rai and Haretak Roshan have the sign Capricorn. Ezek Newton, Babbage, Charles resided in the sign of Capricorn as a Scientists.

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What is Lucky for you?

Here is the list of your luck charms.

Lucky Day: Saturday

Lucky Color: Brown, Steel, Grey, Black

Lucky Gem: Dark Sapphire

Characteristics of Capricorns

The “Capricorn” sign people related people can go to ends for achieving goals of life. Such people touch the ends of the success either failure becomes their destiny.

They always on the mission basis. They can ignore anyone such as beloved one, love, romance, relations, and relatives for the sake of their mission or goals. If they ignore, it does not mean they are deliberately ignoring you they think they are all doing for the betterment of individuals mentioned above.

Capricorns are responsible, disciplined, self-control and managers. Their weaknesses are unforgiving, excepting the worst.

Capricorns also like to spend time with family, they follow tradition, music and understand status. Their Dislikes include everything at some points.

What should you follow?

Capricorns, we are going to suggest you some tips which will be beneficial to you if you follow them.

  • Always try to bring flexibility in your personality. Furthermore, you have to deal your subordinates fairly. Don’t assume them robots.
  • If you are doing any business with the partnership, then deal and behave your business partner on equality basis. If you have any complained regarding the associate, then convince that person instead of being silent. All these tips would be better to follow.

Famous Celebrities born under sign Capricorn

These personalities are star mate. Look at the list below.

  • Muhammad Ali Jinnah: December 25, 1876
  • Ahmed Faraz: January 12, 1931.
  • Rana Sanaullah Khan: January 1,1955
  • Javed Chaudhry: January 1, 1968
  • MubasherLucman: January 11, 1963
  • Syed Talat Hussain: January 1, 1966

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Biggest Fear of Capricorns

Capricorns fear is the failure, and they won’t achieve their dream. This statement of fear made them unhappy and took them far away from inspiration. The Capricorn personality constantly struggles towards success and expect for what they want to do to the accomplish target. Their biggest fear that they will fail to make an impact in front of the world. They keep hoping to make.


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