Learn how to make Grilled Chicken Steak Recipe, Simple yet delicious and popular dish. Worth trying this recipe at home, Grilled Chicken Steak with step by step recipe by Chef Mehrban from Desperdes Islamabad.
Grilled Chicken Steak
• Chicken Breast 300grm
• HP Sauce 1 tsp
• Mustard Paste 1 tsp
• Olive oil 100 grm
• Basel Leaf 100pcs
• Black Pepper 3 tsp
• Salt 20 grm
• Chicken powder 20grm
• Garlic Paste 1 tsp

Sauté Vegetable
• Carrot ½ pcs
• Potato ½ pcs
• Broccoli 2 pcs
• Bell Pepper
• Mushroom 2 pcs
• Chopped Onion 10 grm
• Fresh Cream 100 grm
• Milk 150 ml
• Oregano 5 grm

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