Have you ever think to build your personal brand on Facebook? We revealed thebest strategy to establish theown big brand on Facebook quickly. In previous programs, we set out different tips for YouTube Earning.

In this era, social media marketing has its own worth. In our previous programs, we had talked in detail that what are the popular social media platforms around the globe and how we can utilize them to generate revenues. Today we will go through in detail about Branding on Facebook.

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Why is Brand Marketing important?
Either you are interested to sell your products or to gain YouTube subscribers. Your goal should be towards building your brand. It is possible through the perceptive use of social media. Before going to start your brand, you must follow some key points about marketing.
There are two types of marketing. One of them is brand marketing and others sale marketing. Sales marketing refers to one-on-one meetings, telephonic calls, and networking while brand marketing relates to creating your brand name, brand symbol.
It also differentiates your products from others. Brand marketing gives key points to your business. Brand marketing is supposed to along-term strategy of working online. The key points of brand marketing are following.

Key Points:
• Make social media graphics more attractive.
• You are publishing 20% content according to Facebook policies.
• Make unique content on social media which help you to engage maximum people.
• Free of cost products and Giveaways.

How to initiate your Brand?
Now you have to follow some steps to take the initial step to brand your product on social media.
Step1:Create Facebook Page
The first step is to create the page on Facebook. Don’t try to make the page with your name or any personal name. The page name should loo professional, and it should pronounce easily.
Step2:Brand Logo and Slogan
Secondly, make a beautiful logo of your brand. It should be attractive and must show the relevancy with your products. A brand name play vital role for a successful production. It should sound good and pronounced easily.
Step3:Design and Theme of Products
Then decide the theme of your brand, it will help to create relevant content in the future. Keep thefocus on designing and attractive banners on Facebook social media. The entire design reflects the good promotion.

Secrets behind Successful Brand
These general steps are compulsory to take a start of your brand. Now come to the promotion of your brand and products.

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Generally, on a Facebook platform, there is two type of campaigns available. One is manual and second is paid campaigns. In a manual posting, you try to share your posts in groups and on other sites. In paid campaigns, you many dollars to Facebook and they are responsible for giving you maximum reach. If you follow each and every step, you have successfully established your Personal Brand on Facebook.


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