Do you want to know which 5 best food used to boost sperm count? We guide you and assist you properly to give a better solution of your sperm count problem. Read this beneficial article right now.

The topic under discussion is imperative. Especially to those women who are getting issues regarding pregnancy and childbirth. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, then there are many reasons behind it. We will reveal all the possible solutions and guides so that you can diagnose and go ahead with the best treatment. You know infertility refers to unproductivity of child.

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What are the Causes of Low Sperm Count?
There are many reasons of low sperm count in women. Some of them are following:
• The primary cause of infertility is the damage to your fallopian tubes. The structure helps to carry out eggs from your ovaries. It produces eggs to the uterus where the baby starts to develop. When they get damaged due to pelvic infections, endometriosis.
• The pelvic surgery also causes sperm count issues. This analysis can prevent sperm from reaching to eggs.
• There are high chances of hormonal disturbance. It is the cause that why you are not getting pregnant. Some hormonal plays a major role in releasing eggs from ovaries.
• Another reason is regarding uterine problems. You may have polyps or fibroids which grow in excessive amount.
Mostly 20% of the people face infertility issue there is no exact reason. You can go for infertility test which includes the blood test to check hormone level and to examine the lining of your uterus. In females, infertility is mostly standard.
If you diagnose the tubal disease, then doctors may suggest you surgery to reconstruct your different reproductive organs. There are many other possible treatments with which you can go ahead.
Always consult your physician first. With Quran therapy, you can also get rid of these issues. We received lots of queries regarding Infertility (unproductively of children). The patients wanted to inquire that how to increase sperm count.

5 Best food to increase sperm count:
Here are the 5 best food you should take to overcome sperm count issues.
• Dark chocolate
• Garlic
• Bananas
• Walnuts
• Ginseng

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Treatment of Low Sperm Count:
To increase sperm count recite Surah Daher, Surah Al-Tariq 17 times after Isha Prayer. If the deficiency of count sperm is due to typhoid or any chronic disease, then recite Surah Al-Rad and Surah Al-Tariq 17 times after Isha prayer. Those women who are facing unbalancing of Harmon must recite Surah Al-Rad and Surah Al-Maryam. Please also give charity. Make sure to read the book “Manzil is a small book. Also, try your level best to the recitation of the Holy Quran daily.


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