Might you be conscious to know your Turn-off factor? You will be amazed to read this out.


The “Aquarius” sign born in between January 20 to February 19. They are highly apparent and cannot hide from others. They are thinkers, intellectuals, changes, revolutionary, writers, rebellions, honest, loving, helpers, and social. Workers. They do not like restrictions in the way of their mission. They are brilliant. They are very apparent and never hide their sorrows. You can say them very expressive. The strength of Aquarians is the lie in progress, independent and humanitarian.

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What is Lucky for you?

It is one of the interesting sign of your character. Start with the Basic information of the sign Aquarius. People who born between 20 January and 18th February have the Sign Aquarius. The zodiac symbol of Aquarius is water. Zodiac element is air.  Its ruler zodiac signs are Uranus and Saturn. Aquarius have excellent compatibility with Leo and Sagittarius. Few lucky part is following.

Lucky number: 4, 7,11,22,29.

Lucky day: Saturday

Lucky color: Light blue and silver.

Characteristics of Aquarius

Aquarians enjoy life and do fun with friends. They are intellectual and like to help others. They are most energetic people as compare to other zodiac signs.

The have amazing ability to judge people in no time, due to this ability they can quickly solve problems, and people love to enjoy their community.

The Aquarius children will ask very in-depth and wise questions from parents. They spent their most of the time in utilizing opportunities, and if they don’t do so, they get bored, and lack of motivations rises.

Many Aquarians don’t like limitations in their life. When they set their goals, they try to accomplish the task independently. They born shy and stay tough. They focus on their goals and stick to it until they achieve it.

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What are the Negative factors of Aquarius?

Here are some negative points about Aquarians.

  • The negative aspect of Aquarius is very liberal. They love freedom.
  • We would like to advise you wherever you are living to try to adjust yourself according to the environment of the locality. Avoid imposing your policies on others.
  • Never take a solo flight. Do not force your children to obey your strict policies.
  • The biggest weakness of Aquarians is their temperamental behavior.

Aquarius Turn-Off?

The turn-off Aquarius is to being to stick, and needy and demanding. You are eternal freedom seeker and highly constant to make demands from others. The best part of Aquarius is their commitment and loving relationship. If nay one wants to make Aquarius to your back and call them anytime 24/7, then it can give you a tough time.


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