Every Zodiac sign has their own personality and traits. Libra Trait and personality factors are unique among all zodiac signs. Take a quick look to see your top 5 qualities that make you unique.

People who born in between 16th October and 17th November have the zodiac sign Libra. The zodiac symbol is scale, zodiac element is air, and the sign of Libra is a sun.The “Libra” sign people are mostly the capricious, sensitive, and their energy level is lower than ordinary citizens means their energy level is weak. Libras cannot take the stress. These people always wish to keep their balance in life. They keep check and balance on everything. They can be peaceful as well as violent. They make the healthy relationship with their partners, friends and family members. Libras get effected quickly by nearest people or environment. Most of the people related to Media or Showbiz have Libra sign. It is a common fact that Libras are imaginary, dream more than pragmatic.

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What is Lucky for you?
Here are some lucky factors about Libras.
Lucky Number: 5, 6 and 9
Color: blue, jade and green.
Lucky Stone: sapphire diamonds, Emerald and Turquoise

Libra Traits
Here we take a look at Libra traits and Personality factors to get abetter idea about their qualities.
Tactful:Librans are expert at getting things done, in fact, they are too good to utilize the emotions of other people.
Romantic:Librans have Venus routing planning, and Venus is directed to theextremely romantic planet. People under Libra sign do everything due to the precious feelings of love.
Charming:Librans are blessed with thepleasing manner of talking with strangers that feel happy in their co-word space.
Diplomatic:Librans are expert at getting things done, in fact, they are too good to utilize the emotions of other people.

What should you follow?
Here are few Tips for Liberians you should follow.
• Libras sign people make sure proper planning about your future.
• Avoid weeping on your past.
• Only think and concentrate on your plan.
• Be realistic instead of dreamers.
• No restrictions on dreaming but convert your dreams into reality. If you do so, you will have a bright and splendid future.

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What are the top 5 Qualities of Librans?
1. Polite
Librans are the most polite people you will ever meet on earth. They know the key points to control their anger.
2. Peacemaker
People who born in October don’t like a lot of conflicts around and try to bring peace where fight breaks go out.
3. Innocent
Do you believe that you are the most innocent person among all zodiac signs? It’s absolutely true as most people born under Venus are extremely innocent. It’s agood thing to be innocent.
4. Listening Power
The reason behind why Librans makes anamazing company in a group because they are super excellent listeners. The always willing to listen whatever you might have to say.
5. Good Looking
We are sure you are most attractive and charming on earth because you are Venus-born.
We hope you will be amazed at your super Libra Personality Traits.


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