Do you want to immigrate to Canada? We have good news for all Pakistanis. Now you can get Canadian immigration easily with Express entry pool. Read this article for brief details.


It’sCanada is world’s second largest country after Russia. It is enriched with natural resource and as oil, natural wealth, real estate and oil. Canada is one of the modern developed countries to explore beautiful places. There are countless reasons to live in Canada and start your new life with beautiful traditional people around. For several years Canada is at the top of the list among developed countries, and its popularity is growing rapidly. Individuals who have excellent skills, work experience, and good standard degree can easily qualify residence in Canada without any barrier.

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Canadian Immigration with Express Entry:

Today we are going to explore express entry and how Pakistanis can get Canadian immigration easily. For years Canada has been accepting quarter million residents yearly.

Once all process is complete, you have freedom to live permanent and take pleasure from the fact that new policy made it possible for all over the Pakistanis.

Recently Canada implemented the new system for managing immigrations. We are talking about Express Entry Canada 2017.

New express entry Canada launched various programs including skilled federal workers, Canadian experience class, and federal skilled trades. People who are interested in being apermanent resident of Canada have to meet criteria at least one of these immigration programs.

These initiative programs are beneficial for working individuals and also for students.

What is the process of Express Entry?

The whole process circulates Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The candidate makes an Express Entry profile afterward candidate added to Express Entry Pool, and score will be determined.

According to candidate’s score will be determined through point-based CRS. The applicant’s score helps to rank within a pool. People with the highest score will be invited to apply immigration as permanent residents. We will go through in detail in our next program.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for Express Entry, you must create the online profile which contains necessary credentials. Once your application is complete, it comes to beat scores in Express entry pool.

  • If your profile is nominated, you get 600 CRS.
  • If you get any job offer on the base of skill and work experience you get 200 points.
  • Additional points for study in Canada, 15 points for one or two-year diploma. 30 points for the higher degree such as Master or three-year degree program.

Apart from this, you will need to meet criteria one the federal program which subjects to Express Entry.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • Canadian Express Class

Why is Express Entry Safe?

Express Entry is the fastest way to migrate to Canada although the entire process is online which makes immigration process more efficient. The whole process takes six months or less. With express entry, you are safe from fraud and accomplish process easily to get Canadian Immigration 2017 easily.


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