Today you will be able to learn different marketing strategies with Facebook video monetization 2017. Facebook introduced this new strategy with quite amazing features. Take a look here with brief details.

If you are sole video creator, then you are here at right place. We are going to reveal how we can monetize our Facebook videos. It just like we monetize videos on YouTube platform. If we talk about YouTube, we earn through AdSense which work on behalf of Advert. According to research 50% users of YouTube are accessing it from mobile devices while 75% of the users accessing Facebook from the mobile device. For this reason, Facebook launched opportunity for the users to earn from a Facebook platform.

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What is Facebook Video Monetization?
Facebook exclusively launched mid-roll ad unit. Before mid-roll ads, publishers used to put the advertisement in pre-roll (front) or post-roll (end). The mid-roll ad put the advertisement in the middle of your video instead of front or end of the video.
The working mechanism of mid-roll ad is entirely different as compare to pre-roll and post-roll ads. The mid-roll ad unit will be available for users after the 20 seconds of video viewing. This ratio is usually for 90 seconds and above videos.
Recently Facebook classified video view for their users. According to a Facebook latest forum, the video monetizing will be available for longer videos rather than the short span of videos.
Facebook is serving 100 million hours video per day. In coming years it will actively increase video discovery and important engagements on the platform of Facebook.
The revenue strategy of Facebook is quite similar to YouTube. Facebook will have 45% of the total worth and remaining 55% for the video creators and content uploaders.

Unique Factor behind Monetization

The major factor behind Facebook monetization is for engagement of the people. New strategies of Facebook is targeting business people so that the worth of Facebook marketing can increase.
Last year Facebook worked on different features such as live button and lived video streaming. Facebook is targeting people as they can earn and build relationships on one platform. With the increasing growth of business people seems more active with other activities.

Launching of Facebook Video monetization in Pakistan:
Try to develop your home content in coming months. Facebook will launch video monetizing in Pakistan soon then it will be easy for you to earn through your content. In this strategy video likes, comments, sharing, and views will be count to build your revenue.

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There are different payment methods to withdraw your revenues. Stay tuned with Life Skills TV for an upcoming content of Facebook video monetizing 2017.


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