Ovulatory problem account 30% infertility issues. The normal ovulation process ovulate every 25 to 30 days. When a women get issues in producing mature eggs that have been resting in ovaries since birth. The hormones helps a lot to develop eggs in active state. For the solution of this problem you are here at right place. Take a quick Look at this article.

In our previous article, we talked in detail about fertility and sperms. Today the issue is related to ovaries. The problem under consideration is mostly common in our society in which we live. Why ovaries are not producing eggs. There can be many reasons behind it. Many factors depend on it. Such as fallopian tubes, infertility in women, failure of ovulating and endometriosis. In the last program, we discussed regarding infertility.

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What are the causes?
You may know infertility refers to unproductivity of child. There are many reasons that why ovaries are not producing eggs. We have compiled few of them.
• The primary cause of infertility is the damage to your fallopian tubes. The structure helps to carry out eggs from your ovaries. It produces eggs to the uterus where the baby starts to develop. When they get damaged due to pelvic infections, endometriosis.
• There are high chances of hormonal disturbance. It is the cause that why you are not getting pregnant. Some hormonal plays a significant role in releasing eggs from ovaries.
• Another reason is regarding uterine problems. You may have polyps or fibroids which grow in excessive amount.
Mostly 20% of the people face infertility issue, and there is no exact reason. You can go for infertility test which includes blood test to check hormone level and to examine the lining of your uterus.
In females, infertility is mostly standard. If you diagnose the tubal disease, then doctors may suggest you surgery to reconstruct your different reproductive organs. There are many other possible treatments with which you can go ahead. Always consult your physician first.
With Quran therapy, you can also get rid of these issues. We received lots of queries regarding Infertility (unproductively of children). The patients wanted to inquire that how to increase sperm count. So here is the best treatment in the light of Quran therapy.

You should recite Surah Al-Tariq 17 time surah Al-Daher one time after Isha Salah blows air on a glass of water and drink it. Soon an issue of infertility will be solved. Those women who have an issue of eggs or facing immaturity of eggs or having weak eggs and this symptom are causing their infertility they should recite Surah Mariam one and Surah Al-Daher one time and Surah Al-Tariq 17 times after Isha Salah. They must continue this course (Wazifa) for 28 days.


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