For years trend of immigration in developed countries is drastically increasing day by day. Few top countries are providing huge immigration opportunities for Pakistanis. Take aquick look here.

  • US
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • UK

United States

Unites states provides large opportunities for Pakistanis as compare to other countries. They designed policies in less undemanding structure. It shows the sign of sympathy to all Pakistanis from the United States.

Meanwhile, all rules and regulations impose on to migrate from Pakistan to the US. The United States also provide the higher rate of Asylum, permanent residents, and immigration opportunities. That is the reason Pakistanis became the fastest growing group in America.

Ratio of Pakistanis in the US

According to recent research, the population of Pakistanis is increasing drastically in the United Statesas compare to other modern and civilized countries.

The immigration ratio from 1965 till now, Pakistanis have the higher figure of thepopulation. Back in 2015, the US embassy in Islamabad provides 72,000 different visit visas. That’s is the huge number of visas, and you can figure out the opportunities to migrate in the US.

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Moreover, in 2015, 155 Pakistanis applied for Asylum, and 70% got success easily. Apart from the Unites States, the trend of other countries like Australia and Canada is at a peak. Those Pakistanis who are eager to migrate to these developed countries can access visas and other credentials easily.


Recently Canada announced anew policy of Express Entry 2017. This policy let the Pakistanismigrate and permanent residence. Economically Canada is strong and has ahigher ratio of Pakistanis.

Business class, skilled people, and working employee can grab this policy easily. There are more chances for working people as well as students. Study visas are easily applicable with fewer credentials.


Australia has the strong economy and extremely popular destination among developed countries. Mostly high skilled people target Australian immigration and start the new life there.

Australia also provides the variety of opportunities to live, work, visit and study. The policies of Australian immigrations works similar to Canada, and probably there are 128,550 Australian visas available for Pakistanis.

Australian Skilled Migrant program specially designed for qualified individuals to strengthen their economy.  The programs circulate candidate’s application on point based system.

For business point of view, there are the variety of visas available like Business owner visa, Business innovation, and investment. These visas are available permanent as well as for short stay.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom also rank at number four on the list. It has alower figure of Pakistanis as compare to US, Australia, and Canada. Due to some policies issues the UK provide fewer opportunities for migration and Asylum.

Few circumstances don’t allow Pakistanis to get Immigration easily. Another factor behind it is Ordinance issue which will be on board for upcoming years. The UK have strict rules and regulation regarding permanent residents.

The UK is known for Business opportunities, Scope of residence but the inflexible policy of UK made less demanding immigrants.

A few years back around 5 million reported illegal and undocumented immigrants. No check and balance imposed on them but now Supreme Court of Pakistan took action, and it can create trouble for those illegal immigrants.


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