Geminis Do you want to know your interesting facts, Lucky Charm and much more? You are a right place to know everything about Gemini Personalities. Read this interesting Article.

Gemini is another interesting zodiac sign. People who born in between 21st March and 21 June have the Zodiac sign Gemini. Their Gemini symbol is Twins and zodiac element is air. According to many Astrologers, they believe that Gemini has violated Temperament. However, they are versatile, and due to this versatility, they are capable of polishing their skills in any field of life. Most the people think that “Gemini” which is also called Jooza in (Urdu/Hindi) is the sign of diplomat. Few famous Gemini Personalities in Bollywood are Sonam Kapoor, Shipla Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Amisha Patel, Dimple Kapadia. In Pakistan

What is Lucky for you?
Few lucky items about Gemini are following.
Lucky Color: Green, Yellow, and Orange.
Lucky Stones: Aquamarine, Agate
Unlucky stones: Red Coral

Gemini Traits and Characteristics
The Gemini sign people are very dynamic, creative and intelligent. They have strange, unique and creative abilities, unlike others.
Gemini don’t like annoying people because they are active itself and love to do experiments. Geminis always figure out what they want and what is their goal.
Many Geminis are responsible and follow disciple very strictly. Individuals with such signs don’t speak truth.
Some of the people also think that “Gemini” Sign people are the hypocrite, opportunists or people of interests only. We totally reject this perception of people. According to astrologers, Gemini is the most misunderstood sign in all zodiac sign sure to their twin sign.

What you should not to do?
Here are some Tips to follow.
• Geminis should stay away from stress.
• Life is breathtaking. Everything happens on time and don’t waste time on unwanted things.
• Do not be hasty. As you know “haste makes waste.”

10 Interesting Facts of Gemini
• The “Gemini” is the sign of famous and favorite people, but this sign has mostly found in prominent writers.
• If the Gemini sign people make friendship with books, they can be the best teachers, speakers, and the best role model for their offspring. You are very blessed by God with many other factors, unlike other Zodiac signs.
• Gemini sign people are very dynamic, social, and global. They make best relations and friends, lovers, and owner of many other qualities.
• The Gemini sign people have the deficiency of willpower as well as are very indecisive. Extraordinary ambivalent regarding the time frame. You should always speak according to the point.
• Geminis are curious and always tend to receive new information. They often complete sentence before what other person want to say.
• Geminis are smartest among all zodiac signs but they get bored easily. If they don’t pay attention they might take much time to complete anything.
• Geminis are quick learners. Faster and active than other but to do so they have to be focus.
• Geminis healing stone is agate. The stone helps them to develop grounded nature and provide ease mental tensions.
• Geminis are intelligent, smart but they often develop deep in any subject. They are jack of all trades but master of none.
• The dual personalities make Geminis two faced.

All above facts about Geminis are interesting. They are lucky and more interesting among all zodiac signs.


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