Taurus are known by super unique qualities which undergo other Zodiac signs naturally. You should learn from Taurus traits and their Qualities.

People who born between 21st April and 21st May have the zodiac sign Taurus. Zodiac symbol of Taurus is Bull and Taurus element is earth. They fall in Uranus and ruling signs are Venus and Earth. The Taurus sign people are very strong characters. The Bull signs shows that Taurus people are very strong and determined. Apparently, they look adamant and aggressive. Because of their sign, the people think that Taurus Zodiac sign people are very fighters type as well as own harsh personality. Taurus sign people are very consistent, emotional, Strong lovers and are highly determined. When Taurus people set their goals they stick with and keep struggle until they compete their task. This is best factor about Taurus that is why they are more successful as compare to other Zodiac signs.

What is Lucky Charm of Taurus?
Few lucky factors about Taurus are following.
Lucky number: 6 and 5.
Lucky days: Monday, Friday and Saturday.
Business partner: Virgo.
Lucky stones: Yellow sapphire.
They are very practical in their life. That is why it is said that the Taurus parents are very committed. They genuinely love their children and do their best for the future of their offspring. Most the popular personalities such as Army Generals, Politicians, Actors, Religious Scholars, and Social Media Personalities also have the sign Taurus. The Taurus sign people are very pragmatic, practical, the best lovers, honest, philanthropists, faithful and self-contained. We also eager mention some flaws about Taurus.

Negative Traits of Taurus
Here are the some negative points about Taurus.
• They are narcissists, Stubborn, jealous form everyone.
• They don’t keep focus on one thing. They always try to attempt every single chance but have low consistency power.
• The worst aspect of their personality is that they are very imaginative.
• Taurus have the ability to do anything as I told earlier that they have bull sign but they move their attention towards imagination and other ideas.

10 Qualities of Taurus
Magnetic Personality: Taurians are versatile and have amazing personality to inspire others. Their super charming presence will attract you.
More Sensible: Taurians not fooled easily by others they are smart and super sensible.
Passion & Career: When it comes to success and achievements in life Taurians set an example for others.
Truth and Straight Forward: most of the Taurians be hated for the truth they speak rather than being loved. They are straight forward who say what they mean.
Deep Down Inside: Taurians get close to specific people even they don’t trust blindly.
Stubborn and Loveable: their stubborn look made other mad on Taurians and that’s why they are truly loveable.
Independent: if you are finding your compatible partner then Taurians are super independent who are able to perform their duties.
Caring and Dedicating: Being a partner Taurians are super caring and they prove it most of the time.
Respectful & Protective: Taurus as partner give respect and care their loving ones more heartedly.
Self-Confident: if anything blow up your mind about Taurians is their self-confidence.


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