Diabetic is the completely curable disease. Many people around are looking to cure this disease with natural methods. We bring amazing diet chart to control diabetics naturally in 30 days.

A level of sugar is necessary for health. When the level of sugar exceeds its ratio, then it severely affects the human body. If you have diabetics, then it can also affect your other body organs such as heart, blood vessel, eyes, kidneys, nerves, gums, teeth and gastrointestinal. People with diabetes are the leading leads to vision loss in very short time.

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The Causes of Diabetics
According to new research, the adult is facing this disease in the age 20 to 40. If you care your other organs of the body which mentioned above, then it can prevent you 90% of people with diabetes. Blood sugar can also harm to your nervous system.
The most common diabetics are type 2 Diabetics which cause due to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is ametabolic disorder that causes due to high blood sugar. Our body is made in such a way that it keep up the producing insulin but after some time it burned out.
If you try to change your lifestyle, then it’s easy to control blood sugar, and blood sugar complications can go reverse.
The primary symptoms of the sugar eyesight weakness, Muscular weakness in the whole body, weakness of Nauru system and Fatigue.

Remove these food from your Diet

  • Refined Sugar

Refined sugar cause spikes in blood glucose, soda, fruits and other beverages. All these forms of sugar are the major factor behind theelevation of blood glucose. Some natural sweeteners like honey and syrup are abetter option to take.

  • All kinds of Grain

All the Grains are enriched with carbohydrates which are broken down into sugar quickly. You have to skip all kind of grains from your diet for first 30 days of treatment. After some time you can introduce them back into your diet.

  • Conventional Dairy Products

It is important toskip all kinds of dairy products from your diet. If you are taking products like goat milk, then it’s good to balance blood sugar effectively. Avoid from using cow milk which is harmful to thebody and triggers an immune system badly.

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Best Food to control Diabetics
If you want to control diabetics in 30 days, then we suggest you add this food into your diet chart.

  • High fiber Food intake

The best way to overcome diabetics is anintake of high fiber food in your daily routine. All kind of high fiber food slows down glucose. The best source is vegetables, avocados, and nuts.

  • Sprinkling Herbs

Few herbs like cinnamon, turmeric, and green color vegetables help to balance blood sugar effectively.

  • Take Supplements

Supplements act as acatalyst to cure diabetics. Fish oil, alpha lipoic acid, and cinnamon are best supplements to take on aregular base.


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