Mian Naeem is an Astrologer/Life Coach to celebrities, politicians, and top brass. He has appeared in more than 4000 TV shows and written astrological predictions for 8 years in Akhbar E Jehan. His readings are based on Vedic and western form of astrology. Mian Naeem is a businessman by profession and does not devote full time to astrology. As such, he is available for limited appointments per week. For Appointments contact at: 03170814540

Gemini is another interesting zodiac sign. People who born between 21st March and 21 June have the Zodiac sign Gemini. Their Gemini symbol is Twins and the zodiac element is air. According to many Astrologers, they believe that Gemini has violated Temperament. However, they are versatile, and due to this versatility, they are capable of polishing their skills in any field of life. Most people think that “Gemini” which is also called Jooza in (Urdu/Hindi) is the sign of a diplomat. Few famous Gemini Personalities in Bollywood are Sonam Kapoor, Shipla Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Amisha Patel, Dimple Kapadia.


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